Saint Jean de Minervois plot : Limestone terroir

Subtlety and freshness


Sweet Natural Wine AOC – Saint Jean de Minervois

100% muscat petit grain

The nose is expressive, rich and deep. It evokes fresh pineapple, but also flambéed pineapple, crystalized lemon, linden blossom. The mouth is unctuous but not heavy. The finish bounces back to ginger. The whole evokes a Middle East atmosphere, soft silky cushions, an Arabian Nights setting.

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Grain de lumière

Sweet natural wine – AOP  Muscat de Saint Jean Minervois

100% muscat petit grain

If classic muscat evokes roundness and softness, this Grain de Lumière is mineral    and fresh. This freshness expresses itself with lemon tree blossom, crumpled verbena leaves, tangerine peel, and menthol.

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La Divine

Mellow Muscat -  Vin de Pays

100%, muscat petit grain.

Hand picking; whole grapes are delicately pressed, must settling for 36 hours. The Alcoholic fermentation occurs at 14°C. It is stopped when the juice contains 50 g of residual sugar. Bottling in spring to keep aromas

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