Grain de Lumière

AOP Muscat Blanc Moelleux 2014

Muscat à petits grains

The vines are trained in gobelet. The vineyard is about 35 year old.
The planting density is 4500 vinestocks/hectare.

Grapes are pressed whole without destemming, avoiding high pressure. Only the 1st and 2nd presses are used for this cuvee.
The juice is racked at 4°C for 36 hours.
Fermentation for 8 days at a temperature of 16°C then fortification of the muscat with neutral alcohol.
Bottling in January to keep the freshness of this vintage.

Character of the wine
This 2013 vintage is pale yellow, slightly golden. On the nose, very fine, intense fresh fruit aromas like Apricot, pear and fresh grape. The wine is smooth and delicate with long-lasting flavours.
The mouth is well-balanced with a light mentholated freshness on the finish.

Matching Food suggestions
All finesse and elegance, the muscat of Bagatelle should be served very chilled ( 6 to 8°C). It matches well with dishes like medium cooked foie gras accompanied with thin slices of sour dough bread slightly toasted or a nice portion of a smooth roquefort.
Also delightful with an assortment of ice creams and sherbets ( melon, strawberry and mentholated chocolate) lemon liqueur or a blanc-manger accompanied with wild stawberries. Why not with a quail with grapes caramelized with lavender honey.

Enjoy it while young and fresh.

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